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Now, we’ll share that a birthday present.

I gotta stop playing with this thing and get working.  It’s just too addicting to see what kind of nonsense it’ll spit out next.

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Reagan: Straight from the Cafe 80’s…

Good evening. Usually, I talk with you this evening. Of all — Of all — Of all — Of all — Of all — Of all — Of all — Of all — Of all — Of all the planning, a top priority was to eliminate our support of clear policy objectives in the months ahead.

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Heeeeeere’s Ronnie!

I just fed it a Ronald Reagan speech.  Some highlights:

Four — Four score and seven years later, Abraham Lincoln called upon to face three grave threats to our economic system.

I ask you to restore to the next, eroding our national will and seek to confound our resolve, but we are today and say, “Well done”?

The present Administration’s been forced by us Republicans to play follow-the-leader with regard to George Bush as the cruel tax of inflation wasted away their purchasing power. And today a great national crusade to make America great again.

We need a rebirth of the Great Depression. 

We do not favor a peacetime draft or registration but — but I do favor pay and benefits slip so low that many of them are demoralized by the confusion and waste they confront in their elected leaders. That kind of relationship, between the President, his Secretary of State, and his U.N. ambassador?

And, the time is now, my fellow citizens of this will be based on any new form of monetary tinkering or fiscal sleight-of-hand. We will remind them that government programs exist at the center of our nation.

But we’re not going to put people back to work, to make America great again.

The Carter Administration lives in a movie on prime time. But this, as you can imagine, is the establishment of lasting world peace. We must halt this fiscal self-destruction and restore sanity to our energy needs.

So true.  So true.

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Line Break It Down Again

Fixed the issue by splitting the text into lines, ignoring any blank lines, and running each line through separately.  Things appear to be working better now.

The President shall be the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour.  The Senate may be chosen.

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Well… That’s no fun.

No Person shall be laid on Articles exported from any State.

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Give Me A Line Break

The Congress shall have no Vote, unless they be equally divided.

The way I’m parsing the text, it doesn’t like line breaks.

The way I’m parsing the text, I didn’t pay any attention to new lines, other than trimming them out.  The problem with that is that is that the initial stage can only be the first word in the text, and the termination stage can only be the last word in the text.  While the termination stage doesn’t really matter, since it’s easy enough to put a limit on the number of words, the initial stage is critical.  If you only have one initial stage, then everything it says will start with the same exact words.

The way I’m parsing the text, you can see how that would get annoying.

The way I’m parsing the text, it had to change.

So, I tried replacing all line breaks with special sentinel strings that would cause them to be treated as initiators and terminators.

That had an odd side effect.

Half the time I got no text.  Turns out there were cases that there were multiple line breaks in a row, so I was getting an initiator state followed immediately by a terminator.  Not terribly useful.

Looks like I’ll have to work on that a bit…

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Yep. Definitely right-wing.

We the People of the Legislature cannot be convened against domestic Violence.

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Accuracy +1

Congress shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States.

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The Unanimous Declaration of the World

IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776. The unanimous Declaration of the world: For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent: For depriving us in all cases whatsoever.

Sweet.  It’s rewriting history already.  Perfect.

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“according to do in strict accord”

You can see from the previous post how it’s already producing incoherent English-ish.  Now, all I have to do is feed it some right-wing topics and it’ll sound just like Sarah Palin.

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