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Category — Crazy Weekend Project 4

Had fun working for our State.

Glenn Beck and me hiking down to Walla Walla to stop Medicare cuts – I told them. They renew me.

Former Secretary Salazar suspends adoption of Arizona. Had fun working for our State.

Well, time’s up.  Have to put this on hold.  It didn’t work out quite as well as I’d hoped, but it was still fairly entertaining.  I might have to come back to it later and see what else can be done.

And so, I leave you with the immortal words of Ronald Reagan: ((They’re his words…  Just not necessarily the order he ever used them in.)

America must stand by and see it in a pile of rubble.  It was fought by children planting victory gardens and collecting cans. Well, now we’re in another war for our economic recovery and, finally, on a suicide mission.

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Initial Prefix Addition

Obama investigation of Northern Lights. The more to do lefts anti-Israel bidding!

The final feature added is the ability to provide an initial prefix.  This lets you somewhat guide the output that gets generated.  If you want a quote about Obama, just set “Obama” as your initial prefix and let it go.  Now everything will start with “Obama”.

Of course, it only works if there’s a prefix match for what you type.  If your initial prefix isn’t present, you’ll get nothing.

Obama Dept. of freedom and attacking neighboring states. Support Clint’s Moneyblast. Follow theblaze for our unwillingness to keep BLACK Tea Party racist?

Obama lecture 2 thousand more secure, and to common sense also open mind like you are right to our values. I wish I received $18 million for O N word “freedom” is that if not ride bikes. No explanation necessary.

Bush admin did last 30 – watch full video, audio from the sack tapping!

Bush brigades. Soon after ESPN’S Sunday 530 pm.

I think the unthinkable. Imagine no one has worked harder than they were designed to stimulate the economy will face layoffs.

I think it’s fair to say thanks, but I don’t believe we can stimulate investment in order because day by day democracy is less free than pure communism–and yet we stand shoulder to shoulder in support of the oil spill, my family & I understand your concerns.

I think you are losing on facts to policy/economics question? i thought so.

And the best one so far…

I think Dancing Queen by ABBA is the Soviet Union.

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Twitter Salad

Pulled in a bunch of tweets…  Let’s see how that went.

America has been nominated for a fruit laboratory in West Virginia.

Meeting with the Paynesville Chamber at Queen Bee Restaurant, now heading to tour Pacific Produce and meet with veterans at the Coldwater Ridge Visitor Center at Mount St. Helens that was the HUGE story. now i look forward to my in-studio interview with foxandfriends at 8: 30. Just x’d Delaware bridge 1: 45! Crazy

Update on it when will follow the Middle East w/ Gen McChrystal tenders his N. Arizona Cities and serve ice cream.

Pray for your peril.

Democrats fail – read my tv show. Not so much!

Make a new daytime talk about Bush clearing brush.

Many friends to collect liberal scalps.

Taking American Founding Father are into VA hospital emergency room. Everyone followed. profound peace. Pray for Israel late to unseat Patty Murray.

If only I could de-Engrish it somehow…

I only have 20 minutes remaining to make a few last tweaks.

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Too Many Twits

The scraper died when it got to Newt Gingrich.  Looks like I might have hit the API call limit.  Wasn’t expecting that, but I guess it’s possible.  I should probably tweak the scraper a bit so that it doesn’t keep asking for pages that don’t exist…

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“Could not convert the Twitter API response to List`1”

So, I tried to use the TweetSharp wrapper to grab the list of people that EccoChamber is following.  Instead of getting a list of twits, I got this error:

“Could not convert the Twitter API response to List`1”

Looks like something’s unhappy.  The only references I found to this error are people saying they’re getting it.  No solutions.  So, I had to work around the problem by hardcoding mylist of twits.

Now, while trying to grab the tweets of the twits, I get this error:

“TweetSharp.TweetSharpException: Twitter returned an API error but TweetSharp was unable to parse it.”

No other information.  No dump of the response.  Maybe I’d be able to parse the error, you know.  But nope.  Just that error.

Thankfully, it’s only happening about half the time, and even when it does, I seem to get some tweets out of the twit before it dies.  It looks like I’m getting enough to play with, anyway.

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Karl Rove is Following Me

Karl Rove is following me.  Where should I lead him…?

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Icky. Icky.

The Twitter API calls people you follow your “Friends”.  It was bad enough writing a program that was going to be a follower of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck and Andrew Brietbart, now it has to be their friend?

I’m definitely going to have to reformat my hard drive after this one.

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Facing Reality

These are proposing this generation of destiny.

Time is the enemy here.  I did not devote enough time to this project and now I have run out.  There are time-sensitive things I need to be doing, and this project is, unfortunately, not one of them.

Leaving time aside, there are other issues which stand in my way:

  • Using the Twitter API to post causes your tweets to be tagged with your application name.  Given that my application name is not “Web” or “iPhone App”, having them tagged with an application name is going to be a tad suspicious.
  • The gibberish generator is producing gibberish.  While I expected it to be nonsense, for the most part it is not even coherent by the standards set forth by right-wing lunatics.  I did anticipate this scenario and I have some ideas on how to mitigate this problem ((I have a book sitting right here that gives the Dijkstra algorithm and another one that talks about neural nets…)), but I don’t have time to implement any of them.
  • 140 characters is way too limiting.  Way way way too limiting.

I’m giving myself two more hours to make some adjustments and tweaks, then I’ll have to leave the project where it is.  However, if you want to get technical, I’m suppose to have five full days dedicated to a Crazy Weekend Project, and if you sum up the elapsed I’ve spent on this one, it’s probably only a day’s worth of that time taken.  So, I should theoretically still have about four days of time remaining, which would allow me to put this on hold and come back to it at a later date, if I choose to do so.

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The Confusion Sets In…

I get the impression that I’m gradually being corrupted by all this nonsense that I’m generating.  I think my posts are degrading in coherence over time.  I’d better stop for the night.

sound science must think we’d be a joke

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Punctuation Problems.

We’ll smother under Obama’s new”pro-drilling”msg

Twitter seems to bring out some creative punctuation in people.  The worst part is the lack of spaces.  Spaces are what I’m breaking words on, so when spaces are missing, I get crazy long words.  And when I get crazy long words, I get a lack of choices.  And when I get a lack of choices, I get direct quotes back out.  And I don’t want direct quotes.  However, I don’t want to remove punctuation, because it’s important.

Choices…  Choices…

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