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Game #24: Penguin Land – Sega Master System

Penguin Land is cute.

Penguin Land is colorful.

Penguin Land has cheerful music.

Penguin Land is evil.

The goal of Penguin Land is to help a space penguin roll its eggs into the secret penguin base under the surface of the moon.  You can dig out blocks to open a path to the platforms below, but if the egg falls too far, it cracks.  If it gets crushed, it cracks.  If a underground space polar bear hits it, it cracks.  If you land on it and it has nowhere to roll, it cracks.  If you leave it alone too long, an underground moon bird will drop a brick on it and it cracks.

In other words, the egg cracks.  Often.

Still, it could be fun, if you have the patience.


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