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Game #21: Phantom 2040 – Sega Genesis

This game was supposed to be like Metroid.  It feels like it’s supposed to be like Metroid.

But it starts off with a boss fight, where it’s not even clear that it is a boss fight and not clear that you’re hurting the boss or the boss is hurting you.

Then you end up in a sewer/train tunnel/jungle temple/cyber base, where you wander around aimlessly, looking for switches to destroy that open up doors.  That might have been fun if something were going on, but really, it feels like there’s a huge area that the designers forgot to put enemies in.  All I ever found in this temple/train sewer place were birds.  That don’t hurt you.

I know Metroid.  Metroid is a good friend of mine.  You sir, are no Metroid.


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