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Game #18: Astrosmash!

Astrosmash and I have a complicated relationship.  I love this game, but it hurts me.  Literally.  This game is painful to play.  Once you get up around15-20K points, you’ll understand.

The concept is simple.  Shoot the rocks for points and avoid getting hit by the rocks yourself.  If you miss a rock and it hits the surface, you lose points.  In addition to the rocks, there are homing missiles which come after you and diamond shaped bombs which will kill you if they hit the surface.  It’s sort of a cross between Asteroids and Stampede and Repetitive Strain Injury.

You will rack up a lot of lives early on.  You get an extra life every thousand points.  However, the speed gradually increases, as does the amount of stuff getting thrown at you.  By the time you reach around 20K points, you’ll probably watch your score decrease more often than increase, and you’ll eat though those 13 lives very quickly.

And did I mention this game hurts?  You’re moving back and forth and squeezing the triggers so fast that you will be in pain.  Seriously.


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