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Game #6: Fantastic Dizzy – Sega Genesis

Dizzy was never all that popular on this side of the pond, but from what I understand, he had a big following in Europe.  I’ve talked about Dizzy before, when I wrote about the Aladdin Deck Enhancer for the NES.

Dizzy is an egg that likes to wander around a colorful fantasy land and pick up stars

and pick up items

and die an awful lot.

The gameplay is a sort of mix between Metroid and King’s Quest.  It’s a platform/puzzle adventure.  You have to find various items to solve puzzles, and most of these puzzles open up a new area for you to explore.  The one downside to the game is its frustrating difficulty.  This game doesn’t have as many cheap one-hit-kills like Treasure Island Dizzy did, and there are health restoration items around, but those items don’t return, which means you’ll probably pick them up when you don’t need one, so there won’t be one around when you’re close to death.  There’s no passwords, no saves, and not really any continues, which means that you can be playing for hours and lose it all because you made the wrong jump or because you accidentally touched a butterfly.

Yes, the butterflies will kill you.  Everything kills you.

It’s a shame, really.  The puzzle platforming part of the game is fun, but having to start from the beginning over and over again is not fun.

Maybe I just need to find the Game Genie invincibility code…


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