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Late Start on Day 3.

Our automobile industry has overhauled assembly lines, increased worker productivity, and is less than half of what happened yesterday and what’ll happen tomorrow.

Many apologies.  I’d hoped to have started on this around 5-ish, but failed to do so.  Oh well.

When I left off yesterday, I’d redone the UI for the Echo Chamber application, and set it up to support multiple separate indexers.

It is now the time to turn to Twitter.  I need to start scraping tweets and feeding them into the system.  That is, after all, the core idea behind the project…  You can only go so far chopping up Reagan speeches and splicing in bits of the Kama Sutra, after all.  ((Good evening. Usually, I talk of tax cuts, I’m reminded that the advances on the threshold of a number of military production is putting a heavy strain on the human heart, called upon now to resolve that the man should touch her private parts, should loosen her girdle and the man whose business it is called the “inside pressing.”))

API, here I come!


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