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Unintelligence Design

An attempt to make an automated right-wing lunatic will obviously have several interworking pieces.    I will attempt to replicate the thought process of a right-wing lunatic in a computer program.  ((Arguably, the processing in this program may, in fact, be more complicated than the thought process of an actual right-wing lunatic.))  There are three distinct steps to this process.  First, they must acquire information from other right-wing lunatics and various other sources of information.  Second, there is the blender-like garbling of the input data, twisting and distorting it to fit their world view, without regard to relationships between the data points or pesky concepts like “Reality” or “The Truth”.  Third, this garbled datastream is piped somewhere, where it then can become an input source for someone else.

The first stage will be fairly simple.  The wonderful world of technology provides easy access to all sorts of right-wing lunatics for use as input.  There’s Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feeds, etc.

The third stage will also be fairly simple.  It’s called Twitter.  Follow @eccochamber.

The second stage is where most of the work will be.  At its simplest form, this stage is merely a passthrough between steps 1 and 3.  No critical thinking, no verification, just “RT @Nonsense” and done.  That’s decidedly not what I’m going for here.  I want something that will regurgitate words and concepts, but not simply be an echo.  I need something that will produce semi-English sentences based on right-wing talking points, yet are not direct copies of someone else.  Moreover, these sentences have to seem real enough that they are indistinguishable from things that actual right-wing lunatics say, in order to make people believe that they were written by a human.  A slightly unhinged, reality-challenged human, but a human nonetheless.

That, of course, is the key to this project.  In order to prove that many right-wing lunatics are no better than mindless robots, I intend to create a mindless robot that can pass for a right-wing lunatic.


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