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Achievement Unlocked: Welcome to Raccoon City

So, I’ve lost half the day to a stupid virus.  WONDERFUL.  After repairing my Master Boot Record from the XP Recovery Console, I’m hoping that it’s gone now.  Of course, I can’t tell because all of the Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware tools I’ve used are COMPLETELY WORTHLESS and didn’t catch it or any of the previous outbreaks there’ve been.  I wonder if it’s been with me for months and can explain these randomly recurring virus hits that come out of nowhere and never seem to die, too.

I’d really like for someone to explain where it came from originally, too.  There has to be something I did wrong, somewhere that I let my guard down, and I’d like to plug that hole.  If I’m going to get randomly hit with no explanation while being safely behind a firewall and anti-virus program, then to hell with it, I’m going to start going to porn sites and start torrenting WaReZ.


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