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See, here’s the problem.  It moves the distance I’m expecting very fast, a full 360 degrees in half a second, then it wastes another half second waggling to a stop.  And it’s always wasting about half a second.  It can do 90 degrees in about .2 seconds, then it loses another .5 seconds coming to a stop.  The movements I need for games are going to be less than 90 degrees most of the time, too, so the problem gets worse.

You absolutely cannot be losing half a second with every move and still expect to be able to play a game well, especially a game like Kaboom!

Because everything’s better in slow-motion, here’s what it looks like at 1/10th the speed:

It’s like it’s doing a binary search for the correct point.  If I could get rid of the waggle, I’d probably have something useful.


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