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Stopping Power

I’ve been able to write an NXC application that will turn the motor a certain number of degrees, then stop instantly.  No waggle.  Trouble is that the number of degrees it goes doesn’t seem to be directly connected to the number of degrees I tell it to go.  It’s always a little bit more.  For instance, I tell it to go 10 degrees and it goes 23.  I tell it to go 360 degrees and it goes 420.

But, it seems to be consistent.  It seems to overrun by the same amount each time you tell it to go a certain distance.  That means that I should be able to compensate for it.  However, if a ten degree turn causes a 13 degree overrun, that really sucks.  I don’t know that there’s going to be a way to compensate for that, given that most of my movements will need to be less than 10 degrees.

Maybe it’s time to learn a little something about gears, too…


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