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Its Continuing Mission…

With that, I’ve actually reached the point I was hoping to reach for this project.  I set out to write something that would detect and identify faces from a video stream and that’s what I’ve done.  However, there’s obviously another step that needs to be done, which is the automatic removal of Wesley Crusher.  It knows who he is, so it’s halfway there.

Of course, on the technical side, there are a few things left to do, like figure out why I’m getting Access Violations randomly when calling EigenDecomposite() or trying to make it not be so horribly slow or figuring out if there’s some way I can return nobody when it’s not confident enough about its identification.

And, of course, I also have to run it against a different episode in order to make sure that the recognition isn’t so accurate because it’s simply recognizing the original faces that it trained on…

But that’s what tomorrow is for.


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