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No-Win Situation

I went back to the code I wrote yesterday that was working with 1.1pre1a yesterday and now it’s giving access violations.  So something in 2.0 is very unhappy.

I am very unhappy, too.

Let’s see…  I can go back to 1.1pre1a and not be able to use the functions I need to recognize faces, or I can keep on 2.0 and do NOTHING AT ALL.

I get the sense that, much like the Higgs Boson and the LHC, my program is sending itself back in time in order to prevent itself from being written, because the consequences of having a program that can automatically wipe out Wesley Crusher from TNG episodes are too disastrous to allow to happen.

However, there is a third path, a way to solve this no-win situation.  In order to fix the first bug I ran into with 2.0, the P/Invoke thing, I had to get the source for OpenCVSharp.  At the time, I was slightly annoyed that it was pulling down both the 2.0 and 1.1pre1a branches from the repo.  However, now that I have the source to 1.1pre1a and the source to 2.0, why not pull the missing code out of the 2.0 branch, stick it in the 1.1pre1a branch, and go from there?

You can always find a solution by reprogramming the problem.


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