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Putting People In Boxes

So, after fixing the crashing issue, I started up the detection algorithm and let it roll.


Despite the fact that I’m in a poorly lit room and wasn’t even looking at the camera, it found me.  I like that it’s sensitive enough for that, since my planned application of this can’t rely on well-lit clear images all the time.

Of course, the sensitivity has a downside…


I turned on the lights and it still found me, which was good.  However, it also believes that there are faces on the wall, on the ceiling, a big face made up of shelving and boxes, as well as three separate faces on the Commodore Plus/4 box.

It’s confused, of course, because it’s actually the Tomy Tutor box that has all the faces on it.


So, in summary:

  • Multiple faces: good.
  • Faces where they don’t exist: psychotic and delusional.

Must fix the psychotic and delusional part before I let this loose on the world.

There’s one other slight problem…  The facial detection is pegging my CPU and processing about two frames a second with a two second delay.  That’s not going to be acceptable, either…


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