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Addendum to “Stop!”

Of course, I kept going a little bit after I told myself to stop, but I ended up with something that sort of resembles progress.  I was able to get it to turn pretty much the number of degrees I told it to turn, which is good.

Trouble is that now the motor appears to be doing a binary search to find the right angle.  I tell it to go 90, and it goes to 110, then 80, then 95, then 87, before eventually landing on 90.  It could just be a matter of overpower.  Perhaps if I drop it back a notch, it’ll hit the target more cleanly.  At any rate, it is moving a certain number of degrees when I tell it to.  Eventually…  I don’t know what this will look like in the game, though.


I still need to add another line to control the motor power remotely.  I also need to look into the ability to send a packet of information across, because I don’t want another Bluetooth recv block for every input variable.  That has to be expensive.


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