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So, all this talk about it, and all these videos of the thing going wrong, and yet I haven’t actually posted a video of what the thing does when it’s actually working right?  Well, here you go.

Robot In Action

And the YouTube version:

It’s a lot more subdued than when I started this morning.  The robot I had in the morning could have torn your hand off.  Now it’s much more mellow.  (Of course, I’m afraid that it’ll kill me in my sleep, but whatever…)

Two days remain, and there is still much to be done.


1 Tony { 09.07.09 at 09:24:36 [725] }

Hey, dude! This is fantastic progress. So cool…now, if you want to beat the computer at it’s own game, you could try something lame. If you notice, the CPU paddle just moves itself to the same Y position every frame that the ball is at. You might try a strategy pattern and try the simple algorithm of trying to catch up to the ball’s Y position every frame. Maybe because of the physical nature of the robot and the delay in command processing it might not work like the CPU does, but just a thought. (And this strategy is definitely not as cool as projecting the trajectory the way you are doing it).

2 ThomasSchrantz { 09.07.09 at 10:58:42 [790] }

Yeah, I was thinking about trying that. The way the motor is acting, though, I don’t know if it will be able to keep up. It has enough trouble getting to the projected point ahead of time. I fear that it will be hopelessly lost when chasing the ball. Still, I’ll give it a shot and let you know how it goes.

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