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About the TV Screen

Trying to use a real TV screen will pose a couple of problems.  First, I have to find the TV screen in the image.   Then, once I have the TV screen, I’ll have to do something about the distortion.  There will be two types of distortion.  First is perspective distortion, since I can’t assume that the camera is facing the TV screen head on.  Then, of course, since this is a typical CRT TV, there’s the curve of the screen to take into account.

I’m going to rely heavily on user input to calibrate the display.  My idea is that the user will have to click several points on the video image that correspond to points on the playfield.  Then, hopefully, I’ll be able to fix the distortion in the image and have a playfield image that’s nice and square to use.

It will look something like this:


There.  Wasn’t that simple?

Of course, it would be totally awesome if I could simply feed it an image of what I expect to see, then have it find that image in the video and undistort everything for me.  However, I haven’t quite read that chapter yet…


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