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Here is the panel where I’ve been spending most of my time lately.

Motor Settings

When I first did it, the power was way too high, so I made it lower.  The power is still way too high, so I made it lower.  Then it was too low to move.  That’s when I discovered what the “Motor Power” control does.  It’s like traction control in your car, it will adjust power to make the motor move at the same speed, even if there’s resistance.  That got things moving.

Unfortunately, the only movement that happened was the paddle moving off the bottom of the screen and getting lost.  When a paddle gets lost, weird things begin to happen.  The logic ends up royally confused, sometimes thinking that the ball is the paddle.  At any rate, it continues to tell the paddle to move down, so it ends up continually telling the robot to rotate left.  Eventually, the paddle hits the left endpoint of its range, and BLAM!  The spinner assembly kicks a gear and the whole thing keeps on spinning.




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