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Build a Bot Workshop

Right.  So now I just need to build a robot.  Simple…

I’ve never built a robot before.  Software I’ve done, but a robot, no.  I guess it’s sort of the same, you build software using smaller bits and pieces and building blocks, and Legos ARE building blocks.

Task List:

  • Build Paddle Cradle
  • Build Spinner Control using Servo
  • Get Mindstorms SDK
  • Figure Out How To Use Bluetooth
  • Write Robot-Side App to Respond to “Clockwise” and “CounterClockwise” Commands
  • Write PC-Side App to Send “Clockwise” and “CounterClockwise” Commands
  • Ensure That Robot Obeys At Least Two Of Azimov’s Laws
  • Hook Into Existing Game Logic Application

Yeah.  Simple.


1 Tony { 09.06.09 at 06:40:04 [611] }

ROTFLMAO…Two of Azimovs Laws…priceless :-)

2 ThomasSchrantz { 09.06.09 at 11:15:11 [802] }

Yeah, implementing all three would have pushed out the release date.

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