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This centerpoint issue is more trouble than I originally anticipated.  It’s deeper than just an integer problem.  The ball contour is not a consistent size or shape, which is really throwing off the calculations.  Even with a five point weighted average, the projection error is huge, not to mention the fact that now any jitter will cause the next five frames to be worthless. 

I think I’m going to have to try to turn the tables and use the error to my advantage.  I’m going to continue with the projection and implement the boundary reflections and paddle plane intersection calculations.  (So far, I’ve only done the boundary plane intersection, and I’m projecting forward and backward, which I don’t need to do.)  Once I get that, I’ll be able to keep a history of the paddle plane intersection points.  I should be able to average those and throw out any outliers, and use that to determine where the real point will be.

Damn!  My statistics textbook is at work!


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