Nintendo 3DS Picture Packs
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Nintendo 3DS Picture Packs

I've put together a series of picture packs for the Nintendo 3DS made from 3D pictures I've taken with my 3D camera. Details on the process is located here. My 3D camera is a twinned pair of Canon A570s with the CHDK/StereoDataMaker firmware. I feel that the built-in Nintendo 3DS stereo camera is a bit lacking and I wanted to show how great the system looks when you use it to display 3D images taken with a higher quality camera.

All of the pictures on this site have been taken by me while on various vacations. The images are all true stereo shots, none of them are 3D conversions. More 3D pictures I've taken (As well as plenty of 2D shots) are available over on my Flickr feed.

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Zion National Park

(19 images)

Yosemite National Park

(27 images)

Central California

(56 images)

Northern Arizona

(41 images)

Desert Southwest

(22 images)

Joshua Tree

(28 images)

Death Valley

(14 images)